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Student Handbook
Windemere Ranch middle school student handbook
The 2021-22 Yearbook Order
Thank you for purchasing the Yearbooks. Date and time for distribution will be announced on the website soon.  
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Posting of Flyers on Website:           
WRMS Site Admin and Office Managers are only allowed to post information related to their school site. If students want the flyer posted, they need to submit it through the District Peachjar. It cannot go on the School Loop or directly via WRMS News sections.    Please read the submission guidelines here → Peachjar for Sites: March 2022.
DISTRICT PEACHJAR CONTACTS: Visit our District Website for submitting approvals.    For questions regarding Peachjar, please contact at (858) 997-2117.  For questions regarding district flyer approval guidelines, please email


SRVUSD Policy on Possession of Cellular Phones at School:
Possession of cellular phones or other electronic devices by a student, at school, is a privilege, which may be forfeited by any student who fails to abide by the pertinent district or school rules that pertain to the possession /use of such devices.
Cellular phones or other devices are only allowed to be used for instructional purposes under the direct supervision of a classroom teacher. Otherwise, cellular phones or other electronic devices are not to be used, heard or seen during the school day, which includes both in-class instructional time as well as non-structured times such as lunch, break & passing period.
If phones are visible or audible at any point of the school day, they will be taken and held for parent pick-up after school. Repeat violations will result in progressive disciplinary consequences.

Smart watches should only be used to tell time and not for communication with others. The same consequences will apply for violations to this policy.

The District/school shall not be responsible for the loss of or damage to a cellular phone brought onto campus.


5 Star
Run for educationThe Run for Education went Virtual in 2021!
We are excited about the possibilities this new format offers to the schools and the Foundation.  The ability to promote a healthy, family activity while still observing proper physical distancing is a fantastic opportunity for all of us!
What is a Virtual Run?
A virtual run is a race where you can run, jog, walk or roll for the distance of your choosing. Whether on the road, trail, treadmill or track, you pick the finish line. Complete a virtual 1K (Friendship or Mini Run), 5K, 10K, or create one of your own. Should you choose to time yourself, you can upload the results and even print a certificate of completion!
Why are SRVEF doing a Virtual Run?
Please visit SRVEF RUN FOR EDUCATION for more information.