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WRMS PTSA Reflections Results 2023-24

WRMS PTSA Reflections Results 2023-24

Congratulations to all the 2023-34 Reflections WRMS Winners!!

Council Awards for Reflections 2023-24

Awards of Excellence in all categories from WRMS were moved to council level and the following WRMS students won further awards at council level and will receive recognition on Dec 7th during the council showcase. 
1. VANNA SARDANA "Live your Story" Dance Choreography won
Award of Excellence and is moving on to District level.  
2. DHRUV SUBRAMANIAN "Adopt Don't Shop" Honorable Mention, Film Production
3. TIFFANY SHIN "Destruction leads to Unity" Honorable Mention, Visual Arts
4. RIDDHIMA RANA "A Sea of Change", Honorable Mention, Literature. 
Please submit your entries in the Literature, Photography and Visual Art categories by Dec 7th morning, if you would like it to be displayed on the council level showcase.
Congratulations to all the 2023-34 Reflections WRMS Winners!!

Congratulations to all our 2023-2024 Reflections WRMS participants. Thank you for submitting your incredible works of art. Judging has been completed and listed below are the winners for each category.
All the ‘Award of Excellence’ entries will be moving to the council level:
Dance Choreography
Award of Excellence - Vanna Sardana (Live Your Story)
Award of Merit - Adalyn Huen (Imagine a Peaceful World)
Honorable Mention - Iman Mahmood (High Hopes)
Film Production
Award of Excellence - Dhruv Subramanian (Adopt. Don't Shop)
Award of Merit - Riddhiman Rana (From Despair to Dreams)
Award of Excellence - Riddhiman Rana (A Sea Of Change)
Award of Merit - Vanna Sardana (We Have Hope)
Honorable Mention - Aneesh Murthy ("I am Hopeful Because… AI Technology can Save the World!”), Sophie Vergara (Why I Believe)
Music Composition
Award of Excellence - Inika Arya (The Wondrous Root of Hope)
Award of Merit - Trisha Kumar (A Fighting Chance)
Honorable Mention - Vanna Sardana (We have Hope)
Award of Excellence - Trisha Kumar (The Reliability of Nature)
Award of Merit - Eshaal Mirza (Reaching for the Moon)
Honorable Mention -  Riddhiman Rana (A Glimmer of Hope),  Vanna Sardana (Hope in the Sky)
Visual Arts
Award of Excellence - Tiffany Shin (Destruction leads to Unity)
Award of Merit – Myrah Aujla (Shattering the Glass Ceiling)
Honorable Mention - Vanna Sardana (Diverse Perspectives, United Goals), Riddhiman Rana (Hands of Hope), Myrah Aujla (Finish Line)
Council level Showcase and award ceremony will be on Dec 7th 6pm-8pm, at Dougherty Station Community Art Center. Council will be presenting Awards of Excellence and calling students up at the ceremony to receive their award. Council will also recognize artwork deemed as Honorable Mention. All artwork advanced and judged by Council will receive a certificate and will be displayed at the Showcase. Please submit physical copy of your work at school office to be included in the showcase.