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Missing the Last Ten School Days and Independent Study Contracts at the End of the School Year

Missing the Last Ten School Days and Independent Study Contracts at the End of the School Year

Students should be in attendance through the last day of school, to maintain their enrollment status at their current school. Independent study contracts will not be issued the last 10 days of school. All independent study contract work must be finished and submitted by May, in order for work to be graded and attendance to be recorded.
If your child must leave school earlier than 10 school days (May 18 or earlier) before the last day of school and does not return before the end of the school year, your child may be subject to the following consequences:
  •   Incomplete or lowered final grades
  •   Review by school/district attendance review board
  •   Unenrolled and placed on the waitlist upon re-enrollment, if space is not available.
    If your student is unenrolled, there may not be a space at the current school for your student to return in the fall. In this case, your student may have to be diverted to another elementary school in the district. Middle and High school students may not be able to access their elective choices if they re-enroll upon their return.
    Please note:
    In accordance with California Education Codes 48205 and 48260, and District Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5113, any student who misses 3 or more school days without a valid excuse, as defined by AR 5113, shall be reported as truant to the District attendance supervisor.



Being in class, on time and ready to learn, is one of the most important keys to success in school. In the event that a student is absent, the parent should call the attendance telephone at (925) 479-7470. The call must be made each day the student is absent. Students are not to call in their own absences.

Our attendance system sends out automated calls at 10:00 a.m. to notify parents their student was marked absent. If an absence is not cleared through the attendance office by 9:30 a.m., the automated call will go out. If an absence is not called in, a note explaining the absence is to be brought to the attendance office before school begins upon the student’s return.

The following information should be included in either the phone message or note:

  • Student’s Full Name- First, Last Name

  • Reason for absence

  • Date of absence

  • Name and Relationship to the student

    Absences not cleared within 48 hours will be considered illegal and will be changed to a CUT.  

For any questions or concerns regarding absence, please email


Tutorial/Advisory Period Absences:

The students need to get a note from their teacher or an email from the teacher  to, to confirm the attendance during Tutorials or Advisory periods. If students are not able to get to us in a couple of days, absence becomes a 'cut'.



If a student is to be dismissed before the end of the school day, a note must be presented to the office before school begins. The note must state the student’s name, date, time of dismissal, and parent/guardian’s signature. After turning in the note, a “Permission to leave grounds” pass’ll be given to the student. At the beginning of the period, the Permission to leave grounds pass should be shown to the teacher. The parent/guardian is then required to sign-out in the attendance office, indicating the exact time of departure. Upon return, the student must check into the office and turn in the signed Permission to leave grounds pass. If the student doesn’t have a note, the student must be signed in and/or out through the attendance window. Students who leave campus without a pass during the day will receive a CUT. This type of absence cannot be cleared after the fact. Students arriving late to school after attending a doctor/dental appointment must have verification of the appointment to clear the absence; this may be obtained from the doctors’ office. Students arriving after the tardy bell, who have not had an appointment, MUST be signed in by a parent or have a note from the parent with the reason for the tardy.


It is our belief that being on time to classes, meetings and appointments directly relates to success in school and future career. When a student enters the classroom late, disruption occurs. Therefore, all students should be at school no later than the first bell.
Students arriving to school after 8:15am (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and after 9:37am (Wednesdays) must sign in at the attendance office before going to class.
If a student arrives to school after these times, a parent note or phone call is required. We understand that there may be occasional problems encountered when coming to school. We value each minute of the school day and promote student responsibility and accountability based on prompt arrival to school.
Subsequent tardies will result in additional detentions and administrative action including, but not limited to, placement on a student attendance contract and referral to School Attendance Review Board (SARB). Accumulated tardies within the quarter will receive the following consequences: the 5th tardy will result in a lunch detention, the 7th tardy will result in an after-school detention, and 10 tardies or more will result in a Saturday School.


Attendance office entrance


Attendance office window open 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.