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Traffic/Drive- Thru Procedures/Directions

Traffic /Drive-Thru Procedures/Parking Lot Directions

School Address: 11611 East Branch Parkway, San Ramon, CA 94582
Traffic /Drive-Thru Procedures/Parking Lot Directions

Supporting our students as a community includes a shared responsibility for student safety. We have seen near-accidents happen when students and adults choose to cross in an unsafe manner -  be sure to follow the directions and guidance of the school staff who are out there at Drop-off and Pick-up times.
While we expect heavier traffic patterns during the first few weeks of school, we also expect the adults and students in our community to follow safe traffic protocols. This includes only using crosswalks to cross intersections and in the school parking lot.


Parents- please be patient in, out, and around our school.  Here are a few more important guidelines to help with traffic flow.
  • There is is only one right hand turn lane into our parking lot.  if you get stuck in the middle lane, please do NOT make a 2nd right hand turn lane, it is unfair, unsafe, and illegal.
  • Please pull up all the way when dropping off, or waiting to pick up.  Your child can walk a few more steps to help everyone else get in and out of the parking lot.
  •  During pickup, do not block the entrance to the inner parking lots (the one by the Cricket/Softball and the main one with solar panels).
  • Please respect our neighbors and do not block driveways or use the community center for drop off or pick up.
  • Three cars can fit past the upper crosswalk, please do not block the exit of the parking lot with solar panels.
  • BE SAFE!!
 As the Traffic Procedures Video highlights, we need you to please drive all the way up to the red lane at the front of the school in order to reduce the amount of traffic on E. Branch Parkway and Bollinger Canyon Road.

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