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ADACC Club Advisor: 
Mrs. Abdelmalek

ADACC Club Advisor: 
Mrs. Abdelmalek

Club Leaders: 


Anika Bhasin (President)

Samika Nath
(Vice President)
Anya Fang (Secretary)


Meeting Info -


Nov. 17 - May 3, 2024 

Fridays, 2:50-3:50 PM.

Room # E122


(Please Note: We will be off during breaks and days of no school, or if any other circumstances arise)


The Argumentative Debate and Academic Competition Club

The Argumentative Debate and Academic Competition Club

Do you want to learn how to confidently speak in front of an audience? Do you like reasoning and discussing with your friends over various and recent topics? If so, ADACC is the club for you. By joining, you'll become a better argumentative speaker, all while participating in fun events that'll stick with you for the rest of your lives. So what's this opportunity all about? Here, you'll participate in a learning environment, which teaches the essential skills needed to communicate effectively and efficiently with drills and activities of competitive debates, negotiations, and discussions.

               Altogether, ADACC is a fun, and interactive club that educates you about the basics of argumentative rhetoric. The purpose of this club is to educate students on structuring arguments through fun debates, negotiations, and discussions. We are proud to announce that ADACC is in its next year at Windemere Ranch Middle School.

               The art of debate is extremely important for everyone to realize and understand. To be able to voice what you believe and get that across efficiently is a characteristic that is an extremely rare and powerful talent in today’s society. It's imperative that people are able to negotiate, discuss, and argue in order to lead to a progressive life. ADACC teaches and improves every aspect of this and incorporates these in an interactive and fun atmosphere.

Join the ADACC (Speech & Debate) Club !!  This club does not require any prior experience or knowledge.

We'll have a debate-intensive class each week, as well as free-form debate tournaments and a possible end-of-the year surprise tournament. 

Space is limited, so there is an application process.  Deadline is 11/14.  You may complete this form by November 14, 2023.  

Please listen to morning announcements for updates.