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Welcome to the MUN Club!

Please visit the club's website for all detailed info, signup links and so on. 

We also have a quick, brief summary of the benefits of joining the club. 
Model United Nations
  • Helps with knowledge of politics and ongoing situations
  • Helps with speaking and communication skills
  • Learn how to construct speeches in formal ways
  • Work with groups, individually, etc.
  • Teamwork and time management
What Is Model UN? - Video / How to MUN
Club Meeting Location, dates and timings will be posted soon.
We hope you enjoy your time with us this school year.
Please contact Inaaya, club president (Inaaya Hyder (WR)), if you have any questions or concerns. 
Club Council info will be updated when the info becomes available: 
Conferences:  Will be listed on the MUN site. 
Other Information: 
  • We normally follow the UNA-USA procedure for private conferences. Sometimes, we’ll switch it up for fun or to prepare for an official one. 
  • Please have a separate notebook/binder for MUN. This will help tremendously. 
  • You do not choose your own country, you will be assigned one, so always be prepared. The CIA Factbook is perfect for this job.