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Counselors @ Windemere

Counselors @ Windemere

Alyssa Fraser
(925) 479-7416
Counselor -
“Students with
last names A-L”,
Melanie Philipose
(925) 479-7427
Counselor -
“Students with
last names M-Z”,

Monica Hersch

Counselor (M,Tu,W),
Britta Fischer
School Psychologist,
Marilyn Lam-Fujikawa
(925) 479-7415
Counselor Tech/Registrar, Enrollment/Unenrollment/
Have a problem?  Not sure what to on!

Have a problem?  Not sure what to on!

Welcome to the Counseling Corner! 
 This is a great place to look for answers to many social challenges in middle school.  
Students, the counseling department is a safe space for all to come and see one of our counselors, it can be by appointment (just loopmail them) or you can drop in and wait to speak to someone. Visit the virtual corner below: 
Information about the Counseling Department

Information about the Counseling Department

If you are having trouble with a peer:
1st: Please be sure to talk to them about it.  Use your words to support them or tell them to stop,
Next: Get an adult if the situation continues or gets worse. To get help from an adult, you can:
A) Talk to your parents
B) Talk to a teacher
C) Talk to a counselor
D) Talk to an administrator
E) Fill out an incident report online or in the counseling office.
F) If you or a friend are having suicidal thoughts, you may visit link or call 1-800-273-8255
What does a School Counselor do?
• Helps create a safe school environment where children can learn.
• Promotes positive attitudes among students toward self, family, peers and community.
• Assists students in learning how school performance relates to future opportunities, options and choices.
• Supports students by teaching skills for achieving success.
• Provides counseling with students individually and in groups.
• Works with students to ensure optimal attendance and minimal tardiness.
• Coordinates referrals to outside agencies.
• Helps design interventions to enhance student success in all areas of life.
• Helps students learn about anger management, conflict resolution and mediation skills.
• Helps parents, teachers, and administrators learn how to meet the needs of all students.

A School Counselor is not a doctor or a psychologist. School Counselors meet with you, the student, to help you sort through problems that might be happening in your day-to-day life. Let's face it; we are all faced with problems in our lives! Sometimes there are problems that need even more attention than a school counselor can offer. School Counselors work with other people in the field of psychology to assist students and parents in working through some difficult personal or family concerns.
How do I see the Counselor?
Ask your teacher for a pass, ask the counselor to send you a pass, request by the counselor, principal or assistant principal request, parent request, teacher request and friend request. Please contact Mrs. Puckett to schedule an appointment.
When can I see the Counselor?
During the school day and before/after school.
Where is the Counselor's office?
Our office is in the back of the Administration Building, by the bike rack.
How and why do parents contact the school counselor?
Concerns over student achievement, family health problems, new school registration and orientation, test interpretation, discussing special needs of their student, discussion of potential crisis, family difficulties or concerns, scheduling, 504 plans, student success team meetings, and parent Education.
Am I in trouble if I see the School Counselor?
When you receive a slip with your Counselor's name on it, it does not mean you have been called in because you are in trouble or "bad". In fact, a counselor is an adult who acts as your advocate! An advocate is someone who wants to listen to what you have to say and help you come up with reasonable solutions to making your situation better. It does not mean that your counselor can solve the problem for you; it does mean that you have a safe place that you can go to when you are not sure what to do.